Glory or Death Records
The Best of the Heavy Underground


We play in touring bands that have seen and played with some of the very best...and we want you to experience the great music we do...

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3 Yahoos in Charge

Glory or Death Records is Buddy Donner and Tyler Dingvell from Oceanside California's Great Electric Quest, and Jeff Wilson from San Jose California's KOOK. They met the way everybody meets in the heavy underground-friends introduced them and they booked a show together when the Quest was touring to celebrate the vinyl release of Chapter 1. Strangers helping strangers for the love of heavy music. The show was great, and a lifelong friendship started.

The record label is an outgrowth of the heavy underground ethos that started this friendship-be cool and help spread the word about killer underground rock and metal person, online, and through amazing physical (vinyl, CD, and tape) releases.




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